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Our values

1. Put who you face in the center of everything

We listen to those who work with us at all times in order to always understand how to best help them. We do everything we can to earn their support as we know that long-term loyalty is better than short-term profit. The customer is always first, so we never give less than our best, in any project and in any situation.

2. Set a good example

We are honest with ourselves, our colleagues, customers and partners. Small lies turn into big lies, so we always avoid them. We want to have a good reputation for keeping our word: if we promise something, we do it. We treat others kindly and support each other before we fall. We spend a lot of time at work, so we interact mostly as human beings, not just as colleagues. We take the time to share who we really are, and we try to know and learn from those around us. Without forgetting, of course, Wheaton's law.

3. Act like a leader

If you encounter a problem or an opportunity, don't wait; seize it. Be brave enough to say what is needed. We do not flee or hide from the truth. What we are and how we can improve must be questioned. What is clearly wrong, either big or small failure, has its value. Thanks to it we will be able to develop resilience, patience, determination and success.

4. Be bold and ...

... focused! Know your goals and how they align with those of others. Focus on their achievements, and try not to get distracted. Playing safe will not help you, your team or your company. Failure comes from not taking risks, not setting high standards, not making the most of it and not respecting your own OKRs.

5. Create innovation

And create value. Designing innovative solutions for big problems helps us to gain a competitive advantage. When a big problem doesn't have a simple solution, don't be afraid to think big and innovative.

6. Be fabulous as a teammate

We all have our individual workloads, but we are better, smarter and more productive as a team. Know when to fly alone and when to run with the pack. And if you're slowing down or blocking a colleague's progress, try to help them retrace their steps.

7. We are all students

We are all here to learn and be the best versions or ourselves that we can be. We take the time to listen, learn and absorb the know-how of the people around us. And, where we can, we impart our own knowledge onto others.

8. Love what you do

We would like you to thrive. However, if you don't align with the culture, mission, people you're working with, or any other aspect of the job, this may not be the right place for you. Nonetheless, if you can explain how we can be better for you and how we can help you, we will.

We love what we do

WWG is a small company with huge potential and a deep conscience. Twenty years of serving a select group of customers has led to a mutual deeper understanding of the art of coding and expanded knowledge of the world of software development.
About us
We love what we do

WWG turns twenty and...revolutionizes!

We married the Agile mentality, we were promoters of lean thinking, we embraced change in all its forms and we never stopped. WWG celebrates its 20th anniversary and in honor of this important corporate anniversary we decided to ...
WWG turns 20 and...revolutionizes!
WWG turns twenty and...revolutionizes!
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Habits, methods and resources mark the difference between a successful company and one that fails to stay updated. Between a group that is not afraid to embrace changes for improve itself continuously and one that sees changement as distant goal. That’s why a start-up, an agency or a multinational should have at its top a great visionary who with great enthusiasm knows how to focus on business, looking to the future with serenity and constantly looking for new talents able to make a difference and bring a competitive advantage. These are my values. I’m Mohamed Deramchi, CEO and founder of WWG. What do you think?