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Prizes and awards

Since its foundation, WWG’s mission has been to follow a flexible innovation model. The company has developed in tandem with the expansion of its customers, becoming an excellent partner for the design of innovative solutions in the field of IT. This page, which lists prizes and awards won through innovative projects made with our customers, holds a special meaning to us.

Our company was born in the full development of agile methodology. We adopts agile working frameworks in all our teams and propose to the market agile technological solutions capable to cancel concrete problems and be also able to brilliantly solve even the predictable resistance to change.

We work together with the customer to create a receptive business environment, an organizational context capable of fostering growth, spreading the idea of continuous improvement and trust the possibility that experimentation can offer. In fact, among the best awards and recognitions that you can receive, there is agreement on the meaning of a word that we love: co-creation.

«In WWG we overturn the concept of think out of the box that we often hear about. It’s probably because of  the moment in which we live made of difficulties, rather limited budgets and rigid times to respect but for our projects we always work thinking “inside” the box. All the things it includes, how to use every resource at our disposal and find a way to make it work anyway. Doing so much with little, this is what drives us every time»

Mohamed Deramchi, CEO and Founder of WWG

Our prizes and awards:

netcomm AWARDS 2021

Two of the projects that WWG has carried out and managed in the field of e-commerce have been included in the list of candidates for the 2021 edition of the Netcomm AWARD.

The project is designed by Netcomm, a reference point in Italy for the E-commerce sector and the digital evolution of companies. Since 2012 it enhances and rewards the most innovative projects in the field of online store at national level assigning several prizes and awards depending on the categories.

Top IT Consultants in Italy

Clutch, like last year, also in 2021 has included us among the best software development companies in Italy. The note – have you ever heard of it?– based platform rating and review of b2b services rewarded us again. The best companies for this company, “The Tripadvisor of companies”, are automatically placed in rankings that are updated according to the services offered, the reviews received from their customers and the satisfaction expressed.

After the recent contribution of Logograb and the case study Copa America for the Asociación del Fútbol Argentino,

WWG is in first place among companies Top IT Consultants in Italy

Top Cloud Consulting Services in Italy

The Clutch top b2b companies 2021, the rankings useful also and above all to choose a technological partner wisely, this year were very expected. The services we are offering to our customers are becoming increasingly vertical, functional, specialized and vital to our customers’ business strategies. However, those who collaborated with us on a new project have decided to publicly express the confrontation with our development teams.

Thanks to these reviews, WWG is now in second place among the best companies dealing with Cloud Consulting.

Top Software Developers in Italy & Top Italy Custom Software Developers

Clutch, with a sophisticated system of ratings and reviews written by professionals evaluates the work of service companies and technological solutions around the world. Based on job quality, thinking leadership, project ownership and customer feedback Clutch has become the reference resource for b2b business.

Clutch has a fairly rigorous selection process and the sophisticated ranking system takes into account important factors such as brand reputation, case studies and willingness to support the demands of its customers.

WWG is now in fifth place as Top Software Developers in Italy and in fourth place as Top Italy Custom Software Developers

Top WEB Developer

In November 2020 Clutch recognized us as one of the leading software development providers in Italy.

What is Clutch? An American company of research, evaluation and review of services offered in the field of b2b. “The Tripadvisor of companies”, someone says The site allows companies to create a profile, enter some directories depending on the type of service they offer, fill out information and receive references.

Top App Developers

Thanks to Clutch system, recognition and ratings become very important: the goal is to provide meaningful information for potential customers and valuable tips for companies looking for valuable IT service. Thanks to a classification that wants to be as objective, complete and impartial as possible, small, medium and large companies, try to collect information about outsourced developers. A complex system constantly changing and not a dark way to assign prizes and awards.

Top Italy IT Services Companies

Clutch, in short, helps companies searching for technological partners to get advices from customers who have already used its services (tech, design, marketing, business).

Thanks to this classification (which changes in real time) while we are writing this page, in March 2020, WWG is in the TOP 10 best companies dealing with IT services, best engaged in development for the web and also in the best Italian companies for the quality of mobile applications.


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