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WWG? An Agile team

Agile: adjective, rhetorical figure, but also definition that refers to a method of planning and execution of a project or a job. But what exactly does the Agile word means for WWG? Why, for your own development projects, you have to choose an Agile team?

A short definition

Agile. What does it mean?

Every time we try to give an answer we are forced to go back 20 years, at the time when the famous first Agile manifesto was drawn up.

Every time someone says “Agile” today, no matter what, you can see an attempt to face the many difficulties in which we live and work.

Every time you hear “Agile thinking” or “Agile culture” you should think of a group of people trying to cope with a great change without giving up on evolving.

A good Agile team chooses to organize itself so that the improvement of its team can always be there regardless of whether the market grows, accelerates or goes crazy!

«I love the concept developed in Peter Senge’s books about the team that in addition to working together to achieve a goal knows that while doing it, it improves its skills. Agile, for me and for my company WWG, means to develop together with the customer. We chose a flexible innovation model. In fact, the organizations that learn and the famous Agile teams that are spoken of more and more, develop thanks to the pressures they face and remain competitive because they choose not to avoid them»

Mohamed Deramchi, CEO and Founder of WWG

A problem always approached in an Agile way

We are living in a moment of deep change for work organization, for production processes and for experimentation. A VUCA environment (abbreviation for “volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity”) has quickly spread to the business world. In summary: rapid changes and substantial uncertainty to be faced. Someone comes to say, in this sense, that “we live in a perpetual beta version”.

Starting in 2001 when a group of software developers started to give themselves some principles and rules, the so-called Agile methodology has transformed the way software is created.

However, as time goes by, the question of “management” began to touch all new projects. Not only code, but also marketing, sales, operation… The developers of yesterday and the “Agilisti” of today, work following short cycles – usually one or two weeks – at the end of which new functions or corrections are taken into consideration. That’s how an Agile team works.

From innovative software house it is important to share the idea that every new innovative project we will talk about, no matter if it has already a list of requirements, must be an evolving process.

Have you ever wondered if you can improve your processes? Is there anything that can result in a competitive advantage for you and your client?

We can help you!

01. Our Agile mindset

Your business model, the choise to manage your teams or not, and the way you launch a new product or service, are changing fast. There is a new way of looking at innovative projects.

02. Agile market and Agile team

Considering how changeable the market can be, we need to get inside the mindset of thinking a new project as a product that never ends. Something that constantly evolves, adapting incrementally to the feedback received.

03. Agile choice for Agile team

Volatility can become a competitive advantage. The step in which changes happen can result in a process of continuous improvement. The progressive improvement takes full advantage from the “state of perpetual beta” condition.




How Agile are you, your idea and your project?

All our actions, the way we interact every day, project after project, are an integral part of an improvement process that we never lose sight of. We consider it a means of becoming ever better.

We’re Agile every day.

Why not try to work together with your app,  portale e-commerce, site, ERP, configurator, catalogueMVP, CRM…