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Upgrade your future with WWG

Creating a business environment that encourages continuous learning is essential. We often hear “Standing still is the fastest way to go backwards in a rapidly changing world”, and in an industry like computer science, nothing could be more true.

continuous learning

What Continuous Learning Means 

Continuous Learning is the process of learning new skills and knowledge on an ongoing basis. Fostering Continuous Learning is a must in the digital era. Change is an ever present factor that demands continuous training and upskilling for those who wish to stay ahead.

The benefits Continuous Learning brings are indisputable. It allows you to reach a high level in both your personal and professional lives, stops things from becoming routine, enables the discovery of talents, and helps to reshape habits.

Every day brings something new, and Continuous Learning is essential to stay up to date, and to keep up with new solutions in order to not miss significant opportunities. 

For those who work in the IT field, continuous learning is their bread and butter. Internally, it helps us to train and improve our employees and ourselves. Externally, it helps us to provide and create the best products and services possible.

Continuous learning in WWG

Spreading a culture of encouragement, growth and change that rewards those who wish to learn and those who are able to unlearn bad habits is fundamental for WWG.

continuous learning

We strongly believe that people have a basic, natural need to constantly absorb knowledge, acquire new skills, see things from a new perspective and take the next step. When organisations do not support continuous learning, innovation does not happen and processes remain unchanged.

We believe that creating a culture of learning based on curiosity is an effective way to improve performance and innovation, but also to satisfy and retain employees. For this reason, in WWG we firmly believe that knowledge is necessary because:

  • The increase in training has a positive impact on the working environment, as employees can freely make a significant contribution.
  • Investment in employee development is cheaper than recruiting new employees.
  • The enhancement of our employees makes them feel supported and is a sign of a healthy and genuine organization that values their working career.

Learning in WWG

  • WWG considers continuous learning to be a part of the DNA of our company. The fundamental values of our corporate culture are a mirror of the values and characteristics of the people who make up the organization itself: that’s why in WWG you will find passionate people who want to learn.
  • WWG invests in learning. We prioritize learning. At WWG we provide a budget for specific training that will allow our team to further their career. We show a passion for learning. In every department at WWG, team leaders and executives also participate firsthand in the learning opportunities offered by the company, thus sending a positive message about the importance of continuous learning and professional growth to everyone.
  • In WWG we value the lessons learned from failure. Failure is definitely one of the best sources of learning: to learn, you must first fail. For this reason, in WWG we encourage experimentation, rapid recovery after a mistake, creativity and inventiveness: all this takes place according to a lean and agile approach, fundamental for a startup that needs to test prototypes moving quickly in the market.

The learning proposal in WWG

Our people pursue additional learning through courses sponsored by WWG, through which they obtain licences and certifications.

WWG supports its people with ad hoc courses, encourages and supports personal interests through rewards for continuous learning.

In addition, we provide every single “WWGer” with a recognized Cambridge teacher for individual English lessons.

But the most significant support for our continuous learning is the initiative of our people. They inform us regularly of their needs and interests. 

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Of course, we value the must-have and nice-to-have skills included in job descriptions and looked for in resumes. But these do not define any of us.
For this reason, we spend a lot of time getting to know all WWGers and we use all the skills available in the skills pool. It is truly incredible and inspiring to reveal all the hidden talents the WWG people have. Just imagine – all the languages we speak, the instruments we can play, the crazy hobbies we share or can try together. 

If you also recognize yourself in these values, we will be happy to have you on board!
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    WWG made possible to expand our sales volume, reach new segments, for example southern Italy, and manage more efficiently most of our internal processes. However, I have to emphasize the services that WWG offers and the strength of ideas. WWG turned on the light…

    Daniel Tombini, La Selleria Tombini

    “The support of WWG in the years in which the publishing company has been operating has been fundamental, a precious and irreplaceable partner that has guaranteed an optimal daily operativity”

    Giuseppe Tchilibon, CEO / Lulav Editrice

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