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Start up consulting

WWG has always stood out for its experience in start up consulting.

We help the new growing realities and guide the new innovative start-ups to discover their potential.

We provide services that are able to highlight their potential and help them in their entry into the market.

In the early stage of the start-up consultancy, the WWG team meets the start-up company team to know the project thoroughly and estimate the costs of building a first prototype.

Thanks to the adoption of the lean strategy it is possible to focus only on the necessary functions. In this way the costs can vary and even starting from very small figures.

Thanks to contacts with the most important start-up communities WWG manages to combine  all the proper professionals, find resources and in general recover those enabling factors on which every new enterprise should aim.

WWG is partner of InnovUpthe association that represents the Italian innovation ecosystem, and has collaborated with Startup Geeks in the past


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Services for innovative start-up

Talking about start-up consultancy, it is essential to communicate the right mindset to the new realities approaching the market. WWG is committed to providing assistance, support and multi-year technical knowledge ccordingly to all mvp start-up whishes. This means that our team is available to solve everyday problems and to drive companies through the bureaucratic practices and technical needs of their journey.

MVP Startup

One of the fundamental concepts in the field of startup is about MVP Startup (Minimum Viable Product Startup): an initial version of the product ready to make its entry into the market and collect feedback and be known by users. This MVP already has all the minimum characteristics to be

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WWG’s start-up services include also the creation of a prototype of the project.This phase is extremely important because it allows you to develop ideas, gather feedback, explore new technologies and understand the internal dynamics of a product.Prototyping allows the development team to create a start-up plan where you understand the

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Services for innovative start-ups

WWG pays special attention to innovative start-ups.They are capital companies that have as their main objective the development of services or products with high technology, and need a reliable partner and dedicated services.They enjoy a series of incentives and facilities that WWG can help to drawing the most value for

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LogoGrab: the Visual-AI people

LogoGrab: the Visual-AI people

Services: Cloud DevOps Service Design UX/UI Web
Tecnology: Angular 2+ CD/CI Cloud native Design DevOps Microservices Python Serverless
Mobile App for Door

Mobile App for Door

Services: AWS QA UX/UI Web
Tecnology: CD/CI Cloud native DevOps Mongodb React Native ReactJs

“In an “agile” software house like WWG we found the right interlocutor to analyze our processes and give us the evidence of the datas that can improve our activities. WWG, in addition, has been developing software for many years following the lean philosophy”.

Luca Gargantini, Head of Digital Marketing / COLMAR Manifattura Mario Colombo

We chose WWG because we needed a real technology partner. We were not looking for a simple service provider, but an interlocutor who understood our objectives well, the type of services we wanted to promote and turn into reality a new and ambitious project.

Luigi Boschin, CEO / Liquid Vineyards

“The support of WWG in the years in which the publishing company has been operating has been fundamental, a precious and irreplaceable partner that has guaranteed an optimal daily operativity”

Giuseppe Tchilibon, CEO / Lulav Editrice

“The meeting with WWG was particularly proactive in terms of ideas and projects. I willingly give this testimony for the correctness of the relationship established and maintained with satisfaction.”

Claudio Trapani, Director / Federfarma Lombardia

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