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App development

We develop custom apps.

For more than twenty years we have been providing our customers with our mobile app development expertise to offer tailor-made products suitable for all operating systems.

The WWG app development team is responsible for the design and construction of native and hybrid mobile applications.

An agile and flexible approach is adopted during all steps of app development, ensuring the scalability of products and their adaptability to all platforms and operating systems.

The ease of use of our mobile applications is due by employing, during development, of programming languages ​​such as Kotlin, Swift and Typescript.


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Mobile app development services

WWG has many years of experience in app development. Our team of experts is in charge of designing, developing and maintaining quality mobile applications that are customized and suitable for each operating system. Great care is taken both to the effectiveness of the code and to the design of the UX/UI, to ensure users the best possible experience.

Android app development

For many years WWG has specialized in developing Android apps, and we create quality products to meet customers' needs. To develop Android apps our team uses a process of continuous integration and automates many of the necessary processes, streamlining workflows and making  app’s release faster. The team’s experts also make sure

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Development of hybrid apps

To provide customers with the most cost-effective solution possible,  WWG team provides their technical skills in hybrid app development. These mobile applications support native functionality and share a code base but also have elements that are easily adapted to each operating system. The performance of these apps is guaranteed by using

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iOS app development

iOS app development is one of the areas where our team operates most successfully. WWG fosters a system of continuous integration and automation in many processes. Using some integrations from Apple framework we are able to guarantee the quality of the code and the effectiveness of the distribution of the

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Native app development

Our app development team is able to design custom native mobile apps for every type of device, making sure that the language adapts to different operating systems and that the user gains a positive experience.

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LogoGrab: the Visual-AI people

LogoGrab: the Visual-AI people

Services: Cloud DevOps Service Design UX/UI Web
Tecnology: Angular 2+ CD/CI Cloud native Design DevOps Microservices Python Serverless

“In an “agile” software house like WWG we found the right interlocutor to analyze our processes and give us the evidence of the datas that can improve our activities. WWG, in addition, has been developing software for many years following the lean philosophy”.

Luca Gargantini, Head of Digital Marketing / COLMAR Manifattura Mario Colombo

We chose WWG because we needed a real technology partner. We were not looking for a simple service provider, but an interlocutor who understood our objectives well, the type of services we wanted to promote and turn into reality a new and ambitious project.

Luigi Boschin, CEO / Liquid Vineyards

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