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Live streaming for Sport & Events

“Thank you Lord for giving us football that makes us hug  each other and dream”
(Fabio Caressa)
“Football comes home, but the house of football is Italy”
(Stefano Bizzotto).

The great sporting show is a tale and in order to be truly immersive, exciting and entertaining, all its elements must work wonderfully.


21 million users connected from Italy to the final of the championship that awards the title of European football champion. Over 50,000 fans in Piazza Duomo, Milan, to see the game of truth on the big screen. 200,000 Spanish users connected to Twitch for the 2021 America’s Cup final.

Have you ever thought about sport as a great collective event in which users can independently build their own experience of enjoyment? Are you ready to provide a platform that takes into account all these different choices? Is this platform already suitable to manage all accesses at the same time? Have you ever tried to build a community of fans around a live streaming sports event?

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Live streaming of WWG

“The audience of sports fans is demanding, competent and very faithful. Knowing this, WWG works on technological platforms capable of bringing to life increasingly, immersive, engaging and technologically advanced experiences.

The management of such solutions, however, must be agile, fast and lean because sporting events follow increasingly dense and pressing calendars. That’s why WWG, with a great experience in the development of custom solutions in different industries and for different customers, each with completely different needs and requests, launches a truly creative technological solution on the market..

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Live matches: not only live sports streaming

In order to properly engage an audience of supporters and keep them as interested as possible in the sport event their are in, you need a fast, responsive, scalable and reliable infrastructure. Our CMS is easy to use, as you can easily access it and find all the components that allow you to build a live streaming project in one place.

We know that once you are "live", the results must be updated and all categories of users who follow the event must absolutely be informed... of everything!

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  • The Media Centre Video proposed by WWG in addition to managing high-resolution videos and images, has artificial intelligence for auto-tagging, an accreditation system and a registration and subscription user, that provides to send newsletters and other communications easy to build, plan and send.

  • The Virtual Media Centre will allow journalists to register and download exclusive content in high resolution or have copies of press releases that you can choose to distribute in different languages.

  • Fans, however, will be able to see and review some highlights of the sport’s live events.. They can manage high resolution videos in different sizes (download, share and send) and interact in real time... Just like they do at the stadium!

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    Case studies

    COLMAR online configurator

    COLMAR online configurator

    Services: AWS Cloud Digital strategy Service Design Service Design UX/UI Web Web app
    Tecnology: CD/CI JavaScript Microservices ReactJs Serverless


    Copa Argentina

    Solution 1: Live streaming social

    Trough the platform, in addition to its profile, each team or sportsman can manage guests, sending email invitations, assigning rules of access to competitions, customizing the available contents and regulating social activities.

    In addition to streaming sports event, the platform allows to connect the social accounts of each team and easily manage the sharing of posts on social channels.

    Solution 2: Sport media center

    Our media center has already been tested for different sports disciplines. We know exactly how you can draw the fan’s experience through the web, social and mobile devices.

    We have made some sport events a real media ceremony: Formula E, Extreme E, Volvo Ocean Race, America’s Cup, Copa Argentina de Fútbol and more. Only with a software house like WWG you will be able to meet a growing demand for streaming video content.

    With cloud services and a strategy to accelerate video delivery as well as thrilling sports enthusiasts, you’ll improve the reliability and security of your content.



    High quality vision experience (OTT).

    Create extraordinary streaming experiences for your viewers.

    Gamification practices to keep fans even more engaged by testing event after event.


    Have a multimedia content distribution technology that challenges those professionally engaged in live streaming.

    A WWG Media Center that represents an undisputed benchmark in the context of online sports events.


    Extension of the values, functions and business possibilities of a brand through the creation of use’s modes with our systems.

    Real-time use from mobile devices, live stream, few second’s clips creation and sharing through social media; exclusive information, online gaming, contests and exchange of feedback on scheduled matches.


    Instant playback, sharp resolution and no rebuffering issues: traditional TV and some recent systems (VOD and SVOD) have set new standards for video quality.


    Reducing the complexity related to the management of such a complex tool, however, is the real key to the success of a streaming, whether it is linked to a live video or based on continuous updates of the event (textual).


    Today, OTT service providers or companies that have royalties to audiovisual sports must work with companies like WWG to meet more and more these expectations without jeopardizing their commercial activities.

    “The support of WWG in the years in which the publishing company has been operating has been fundamental, a precious and irreplaceable partner that has guaranteed an optimal daily operativity”

    Giuseppe Tchilibon, CEO / Lulav Editrice

    “The meeting with WWG was particularly proactive in terms of ideas and projects. I willingly give this testimony for the correctness of the relationship established and maintained with satisfaction.”

    Claudio Trapani, Director / Federfarma Lombardia

    WWG made possible to expand our sales volume, reach new segments, for example southern Italy, and manage more efficiently most of our internal processes. However, I have to emphasize the services that WWG offers and the strength of ideas. WWG turned on the light…

    Daniel Tombini, La Selleria Tombini

    “In an “agile” software house like WWG we found the right interlocutor to analyze our processes and give us the evidence of the datas that can improve our activities. WWG, in addition, has been developing software for many years following the lean philosophy”.

    Luca Gargantini, Head of Digital Marketing / COLMAR Manifattura Mario Colombo

    We chose WWG because we needed a real technology partner. We were not looking for a simple service provider, but an interlocutor who understood our objectives well, the type of services we wanted to promote and turn into reality a new and ambitious project.

    Luigi Boschin, CEO / Liquid Vineyards

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