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Digital Healthcare Platform

WWG implements software solutions that comply with current privacy and sensitive data protection standards and helps private individuals or government institutions to optimise their flows, improve the business digitisation process, including the paperwork.


How to turn your working reality into a health technology company?
Our development teams face the same challenges that many health organizations are facing. Hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, nursing homes, after the difficulties related to the pandemic of COVID-19, are trying to understand how the latest innovations in the field of digital technologies can be used. If possible, in the shortest possible time and within the available budgets.
Has come the time to rethink aspects related to digital health, digital health (including e-health), such as telemedicine, connected care systems, digital therapies, video consultations and the management of medical procedures.
WWG, thanks to a technological know-how of twenty years, is the right interlocutor to work on well-being, patient care, the provision of care and medicines.
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Do you ever think about a model of Medical Software Development? ?

Through a wide range of custom development services that includes web development, end-to-end mobile development and various cloud solutions, we can support the work of medical teams, redefine even the most complex flows and improve the quality of care.


These are the areas on which we can work to make a significant contribution to improving digital health:

Features of digital health platforms:

We can support you in these health-related projects and related technical-administrative aspects

Medical portals

  • Care plans
  • Schedule of appointments
  • medic CRM
  • Tools for anamnesis
  • Patient Laboratory Data (EHR)
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Health education projects/portals
  • Patient app
  • mHealth
  • Monitoring of the patient’s activity and of various physiological parameters
  • Online consulting
  • Monitoring of vital signs
  • Registration of all administrative and diagnostic activities (RIS, PACS)
  • Software for research and treatment of diseases (including mental diseases)

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    • Policy creation for consent procedures
    • Automation and cloud services for data retention
    • e-prescribing software
    • Drug tracking
    • Video conferencing software
    • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
    • Telepsychology
    • Electronic file (FSE)

Other portals:

  • Document sharing between different providers (EMR)
  • Laboratory and inventory management
  • Traceability of medical assets
  • Monitoring of purchase orders
  • Data exchange and interoperability
  • Loyalty and partnership programmes
  • Finance and invoicing
  • Virtual Reality Based Simulation Training
  • VR-enabled chronic condition treatment
  • Gamification solutions 
  • Increased hospital maps
  • Computer vision and image analysis
  • Prediction of epidemics and readmission
  • Identification of patients at risk
  • Advanced reporting

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We are one of the leading software development companies that can meet specific needs. Our software is secure, compliant with international standards and in line with the protocols chosen by customers. Improving the quality of care and productivity in the healthcare sector can only be achieved by the best players in the IT sector.


LogoGrab: the Visual-AI people

LogoGrab: the Visual-AI people

Services: Cloud DevOps Service Design UX/UI Web
Tecnology: Angular 2+ CD/CI Cloud native Design DevOps Microservices Python Serverless
Liquid Vineyards

Liquid Vineyards

Services: AWS Cloud DevOps Mobile QA Service Design UX/UI Web Web app
Tecnology: CD/CI Cloud native Design DevOps HTML5 JavaScript Kotlin Microservices Node.js Prototyping Python ReactJs Serverless UX/UI


Digital development could easily solve problems such as the loss of patient data or could lower the level of bureaucracy, that of complexity, encourage the adoption of new practices (Iot, AI) and contain prices and give impetus to efficiency analysis. Here are the main benefits to using WWG services:

System Integration

To solve the problems of interoperability, management of medical and healthcare personnel, WWG brings together systems and devices in a single manageable ecosystem. We can easily integrate any third-party system with our software solutions to create customized healthcare solutions. Data flow analysis is intended to help physicians aggregate exercise and vital data. This will improve teamwork and decision-making without forgetting the quality perceived by patients.

Launch and implementation of new medical software

The task of digital health is to digitize clinical data, which leads to an inevitable migration towards completely new devices, solutions and telematic processes. The fact that many essential health services are made digital brings benefits but also requires a period of adaptation to the new technology. In addition, good development practices require greater consideration of data protection and health privacy that can be achieved through timely documentation and sharing knowledge. This is why WWG promotes employee training processes.

Mobile solutions

The main advantage of digital health is the possibility of ensuring complete and constant interconnection. The doctor-patient relationship is no longer linked to timetables or logistical difficulties represented by a location. On the contrary, the significant expansion of telemedicine solutions, the use of mobile solutions are leading to an increasingly informed participation of patients. WWG has extensive experience in developing mobile applications that allow a high-load automated medical system to manage communication with patients and support them 24/7.

Startup collaboration

We are proud to have helped some promising startups to develop their idea, first in an MVP and then in a real new technology. We are certain that by respecting the model of Medical Software Development we can create authentic innovative companies of health technology whose products are able to transform the future of "care delivery". WWG helps you take stock of your information and communication technologies (ICT) to better understand the contribution you make to the health system.

Multi-tech experience

Solving IT challenges in healthcare means working with a diverse and continuously cutting-edge technology stack. With WWG, which collaborates with customers in different product categories, you will test your new project Web, mobile, Iot, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality. You will receive all the information necessary to undertake a growth path in the health sector.

“The meeting with WWG was particularly proactive in terms of ideas and projects. I willingly give this testimony for the correctness of the relationship established and maintained with satisfaction.”

Claudio Trapani, Director / Federfarma Lombardia

WWG made possible to expand our sales volume, reach new segments, for example southern Italy, and manage more efficiently most of our internal processes. However, I have to emphasize the services that WWG offers and the strength of ideas. WWG turned on the light…

Daniel Tombini, La Selleria Tombini

“The support of WWG in the years in which the publishing company has been operating has been fundamental, a precious and irreplaceable partner that has guaranteed an optimal daily operativity”

Giuseppe Tchilibon, CEO / Lulav Editrice

“In an “agile” software house like WWG we found the right interlocutor to analyze our processes and give us the evidence of the datas that can improve our activities. WWG, in addition, has been developing software for many years following the lean philosophy”.

Luca Gargantini, Head of Digital Marketing / COLMAR Manifattura Mario Colombo

We chose WWG because we needed a real technology partner. We were not looking for a simple service provider, but an interlocutor who understood our objectives well, the type of services we wanted to promote and turn into reality a new and ambitious project.

Luigi Boschin, CEO / Liquid Vineyards

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