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Agile! What do you mean?

We have to be Agile. Development has to be Agile. Project management nowadays can only be one way: Agile. But what does it really mean to adopt an Agile methodology in your Company? Is it possible to turn your career into an Agile growth path? WWG, faithful to the basic principles of Agile and lean methodology from the very beginning , organizes an internal course to teach this project management mindset, originally created and used by software developers like us, which is now spreading to other industrial sectors. Today it is one of the most popular methods of project management, Whether it is implemented by managers of the banking area, creative people who work in agencies, medical staff, founders of start-ups, marketing professionals, managers of human resources…

I am a big fan of the Agile manifesto – says Mohamed Deramchi, CEO and founder of WWG – I believe in the principles of lean thinking and I often talk to my collaborators about the concept of incremental planning which, in other words, means improving, always improving. If it doesn’t happen, it means  something is not going right. I relied entirely on Agile methodology. I asked myself how to really improve and I analyzed everything that happened in my company. I don’t think anything like this has ever been done to optimize a company with 20 years of history. The result was a radical but necessary change”

unnamed Agile! What do you mean?
Agile or waterfall? What is best for you? by octalsoftware
unnamed Agile! What do you mean?
Agile vs Waterfall by thycotic

Agile is a project management methodology, guided by a set of principles and a general mindset that promotes the ability to change strategy quickly (sometimes it is necessary!) and progressively improve. In the context of project management this translates into the idea that we may not understand and predict all the elements of a particular project or all the steps that will lead to the solution of a problem, but we will start with a “fairly good” understandingand then adjust as we proceed. Many companies prefer this way of operating because the alternative (waterfall methodology) often requires more preparation and more resources because of the need to understand and document all the requirements before starting. The time spent on this initial set up often causes a delay in startup and moves away from the release stage. The core value behind Agile project management is the concept of “inspection and adaptation”, which means: last-minute changes are welcome at any stage of the project cycle. The changes that bring value become particularly valuable. 

If you want a professional advantage, especially in the fastest-evolving industries, Agile is the solution. A useful solution to improve the efficiency of the management of complex projects. Entering the world of Agile and Lean you get concrete benefits:

  • the detecton of problems
  • greater cooperation between the team members 
  • faster achievement of personal and team goals
  • greater flexibility and adaptation

Maybe you can also find the right attitude of openness to change and get the right approach to the profession that we do every day.

Agile Fundamentals training is organized by WWG for marketing, sales, development and accounting and is held by Andriu Romanukha and Olesia Prots Thursday, August 6.


  • Introduction to Agile principals; 09.00-09.30
  • Waterfall vs Agile; 09.30-10.00
  • Kanban; 10.00 – 10.30
  • Penny game; 10.30-10.45
  • Scrum Roles; 11.00 – 12.00
  • Lunch
  • Scrum Events; 12.40-13.10
  • Story point extimation; 13.10-13.40
  • Scrum Artefact; 13.40 – 14.10
  • Agile Leadership; 14.20-14.50
  • Wrap-up

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