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WWG and STARTUP GEEKS together for technology companies and startups. We start with a webinar!


logo full WWG and STARTUP GEEKS together for technology companies and startups. We start with a webinar!

November 2020 – At the start in online form, open to all and as “agile” as possible the first webinar of WWG, Milanese software house that after 20 years of innovative projects in the field of digital transformation offers its advice to professionals who want to create their own company from scratch and startups.With this press release we point out that the live event has as its title:

Turning an internal project into a new business: the agile approach explained by WWG

And is scheduled for WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2 at 18

Mohamed Deramchi, CEO e Founder WWG
Riccardo Bracco, Business Developer WWG
e Alessio Boceda, Startup Geeks

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The webinar is part of a brand partnership project between WWG and Startup Geeks, the largest Italian community dedicated to startups.

Startup Geeks Icona e Nome WWG and STARTUP GEEKS together for technology companies and startups. We start with a webinar!

Startup Geeks with a database of more than 1,000 startups, a social audience of over 31,000 followers and a premium community of over 450 subscribers provides early-stage startuppers with training, services, the network to grow and has the goal of becoming the online reference point for all those who want to launch and grow a startup. The group wants to support the new generation of Italian entrepreneurs through dissemination, community and training activities. In July 2019, it launched Startup Geeks Premium, a subscription community for those who want to launch and grow a startup.

In May 2020, it launched Startup Builder, a 12-week online incubation program dedicated to projects being validated. For companies it represents a channel of communication to the public of aspiring startuppers and early-stage startups.


Here you can ask questions to the speakers!

WWG thus becomes part of a network of more than 50 partner companies in the group and through its experience in software development, apps, e-commerce platforms, CRM, ERP wants to support professionals who are trying to connect technical and business functions.


In this perspective, in addition to the collaboration with successful startups, during the webinar WWG will also talk about the project App Config, a concrete and measurable example of the results that can be achieved with the right mindset and the correct use of the agile methodology strongly recommended in the case of the launch of new ideas, the promotion of innovative activities or, in general, to inaugurate new paths of experimentation.

Flexibility, resilience, propensity to change, continuous improvement are macro-themes that are now recurring in business discussions. Often you make the serious mistake of interpreting them as concepts very distant from the daily business activity without understanding instead the actual impact that they can have on business management.

WWG designs, manufactures and monitors solutions that allow Italian companies to start technological change processes and test solutions that can create real value, reduce waste, involve different work teams and improve efficiency in the management of business processes.

For more information, a copy of this press release attached to a direct email, for interviews with speakers or more details on the webinar:


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