Product Design

The development of a good UX UI involves several stages, and the product design must consider many aspects.  For WWG, which always puts who’s facing at the center of everything, this service is a matter of responsibility. The user experience focuses on the figure of the user. To create a really positive one you need to have a thorough knowledge of who will use a new product or service. The design of a user experience is the result of a process that has many crucial moments (projects, wireframe, prototypes, models), but it is above all a work of identification, a process that stimulates curiosity and a fun task. 

You need to acquire constantly new graphic skills, understand psychology to predict how people normally respond to stimuli, understand marketing principles such as business needs and be willing to imagine how tomorrow’s communication it will be.


Regione Lombardia

Product Design Expertise

The main difference between a pleasant graphic design and one designed for the user is precisely the awareness and responsibility to create a tool that increases value while you use it.

And it is better if you do it in a simple and easily understandable way. A good user experience design service confirms the difference between a useful application, only a credible one and a really valuable one.

Service Design

It defines the relationship between your company and the users you consider potentially interested in your project. It summarizes the needs of people with what is technically feasible in accordance with the company strategy. It programs the direction that the brand can take thanks to a new digital presence


The UX UI designer, at this stage, does not deal with graphic design, does not only consider aesthetic parameters, but is responsible for product design, its interface, the actions related to buttons and logos, always keeping in mind a platform and a context of use.

Web and mobile app design

It’s the design of interfaces based on what allows the features of platforms and devices as specific guidelines, content priorities, user behaviour and ways of interacting within a context of use are outlined. Even with this service user experience phase the UX UI design scales effectively

Cross-platform experience design

The design of the interaction includes the optimization of the interface, makes it a more familiar, transparent and immediate involvement of the user regardless of the device that uses. Active communication with the developer is designed to improve products at every stage, rethink the customer experience (including with artificial intelligence)

The product design process

It is a concrete and replicable process that is divided into five main stages in which the designer applies a design scheme Objectives-Signals to improve-Metrics and offer a better overall experience of a person using a product:

Pre-planning: user stories, user traffic
Exploration: sketching, wireframe, prototyping
Design: model, mockup, hand-off
QA: performance, error, details
Feedback: KPI test, A/B test


1TrueId – mobile app

1TrueId – mobile app

Services: Cloud Mobile QA UX/UI Web
Tecnology: CD/CI DevOps Docker JavaScript Microservices Mongodb React Native ReactJs SQL Server

“The meeting with WWG was particularly proactive in terms of ideas and projects. I willingly give this testimony for the correctness of the relationship established and maintained with satisfaction.”

Claudio Trapani, Director / Federfarma Lombardia

“The support of WWG in the years in which the publishing company has been operating has been fundamental, a precious and irreplaceable partner that has guaranteed an optimal daily operativity”

Giuseppe Tchilibon, CEO / Lulav Editrice

“In an “agile” software house like WWG we found the right interlocutor to analyze our processes and give us the evidence of the datas that can improve our activities. WWG, in addition, has been developing software for many years following the lean philosophy”.

Luca Gargantini, Head of Digital Marketing / COLMAR Manifattura Mario Colombo

We chose WWG because we needed a real technology partner. We were not looking for a simple service provider, but an interlocutor who understood our objectives well, the type of services we wanted to promote and turn into reality a new and ambitious project.

Luigi Boschin, CEO / Liquid Vineyards

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