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New opening in Boston. Just born WWG USA

After collaborating  with the best developers in Europe for more than two decades,  WWG announces the new opening of an office in the United States to expand its customer base, improve its services and acquire new talents.

WWG’s turnover continues to grow. For this reason, after the recent opening of an office in Poland, the italian software house flies cross the ocean and opens a new office in Boston.  

We will carry on with our philosophy, which is to create projects of value to our customers. We will have the opportunity to expand our knowledge, collaborate with new teams and learn about new realities by expanding our range of action, reducing waiting times and improving the quality of the services provided for those who rely on our team for their business and improving more and more the quality of the services offered.

Over the years we have worked with international teams to promote interaction, professional and cultural exchanges between IT developers and professionals. Finding new people who can quickly become experts in technical services and studying software solutions has always been the most important thing for WWG.

A new headquarters that confirms the model of innovative and flexible growth that will be adopted immediately. The idea behind growth paths in different contexts is to build new agile projects with customers. These are the three “pillars” of each new collaboration: the strategic part, the digital part and the financial part.

WWG has always put people first. What exactly are the needs of a new customer, if not an analysis of habits and requirements?  WWG cares about who will be using the new IT platform. For this reason it is important to work with our customers to understand the business strategies of each of them in the fields of finance, technology, operations and customer service and how they can benefit from our agile methods to remove those small obstacles that all companies often find on the road to technological innovation.

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WWG made possible to expand our sales volume, reach new segments, for example southern Italy, and manage more efficiently most of our internal processes. However, I have to emphasize the services that WWG offers and the strength of ideas. WWG turned on the light…

Daniel Tombini, La Selleria Tombini

“The support of WWG in the years in which the publishing company has been operating has been fundamental, a precious and irreplaceable partner that has guaranteed an optimal daily operativity”

Giuseppe Tchilibon, CEO / Lulav Editrice

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