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New opening in Krakow (Poland): just born WWG Poland

WWG opens a new office in Poland and soon Ukraine and the United States will follow. Although Covid has threatened most of the professions, the turnover of WWG,  the company that has been operating in the software development sector for over 20 years, continues to grow. The interventions made years ago to improve scalability, efficiency and cost reduction, have allowed this reality from Milan to withstand during the pandemic.

New opening, old habits

Giving value to customer projects has always been the company’s priority. This new opening will offer the opportunity to know new subjects, to be engaged on new projects and have a team of developers among the best in the world. With the new corporate delivery center WWG is committed to  to grow the range of action, reduce the waiting times of those who rely on our teams for their business and improve more and more the quality of the services offered.

A new opening to new professionals

We have been working with international teams for years, promoting interaction, professional and cultural exchange of IT developers.  Scouting new figures who can quickly become specialists, experts in software solutions or technological services – the best profiles to manage innovative business! – it is an increasingly important practice for technology professionals such as WWG. 

WWG Poland’s HR team has long been promoting corporate culture and WWG values. An HR Manager has been asked to research this type of expert, limiting to define them as developers. Professional figures who study in a longitudinal way and are therefore able to grasp the true character of technological innovativeness that is hidden behind their job, that is able to revolutionize many business models today. Even the most established. 

The new team of engineers in Poland will be entrusted with Italian and international customers. The secondary objective, however, is to analyze new markets in the US and Northern Europe, in order to progressively raise the level of complexity of the projects and, at the same time, bring good development practices and development methodologies into new segments.

New offices, (agile) business recipes

The new office in Krakow confirms the model of innovation and flexible growth chosen by WWG that will be immediately adopted. The idea behind the growth path in different contexts is to build new agile projects together with customers. These are the three “Pillar” of each new collaboration: the strategic component, the digital and the financial. 

WWG always puts people at the center of each project: basically the needs of each new customer are the analysis of his habits, necessity and needs . WWG is interested in who will use new IT platforms, it cares about the team with which something new will be created. We start  from and you get to people. We want to work together with our customers, understand what their business strategy  and strategic initiatives are in finance, technology, operations, customer service and what could benefit from our agile approach. All this, in Krakow as in Milan, to eliminate once and for all those small large barriers that often companies find on the road of innovation.

New office, new revolution with customers

Today’s companies, especially Italian ones, need a revolution in order to be able to say that they are truly digital. A revolution that includes digitalisation, the opening up of companies to new innovation practices and to the use of agile practices. The latter will not be strongly recommended only for management but for every “organism” that is part of the company. 

To improve the production processes through the collection and management of data, which come from different business structures, it is essential for everyone to have new generation solutions,  capable of integrating business processes with the technological sphere of a company. WWG believes that this can only be achieved by dealing with the best talents on the international market.

The composition of the new team

in Krakow’s new office the team will consist of senior back-end and front-end developers, Devops, UX designers, QA testers, Scrum Master, Service Delivery Manager. Every time it is necessary to close a gap in disadvantaged situations, for example between the technological maturity of companies and the availability of talent in the IT field, WWG always uses an agile approach.

However, the technology is evolving faster and faster, software developers are constantly forced to create new features that can deliver results quickly. As the pace of change accelerates in all companies and in all markets, even new business leaders will need to consider this agile methodology more and more.

Talents scounting does not stop

A dedicated recruiter is constantly looking for the best talents to always work on improving the WWG team in Krakow. In fact, creating the right team in a new location is crucial. It must include the Product Owner, as well as all the professionals necessary to complete the activity in the times and in the ways agreed with customers.

“We have opened a new office in Krakow as Poland is a significant element in the digital transformation to us. Many European and Italian companies companies need not only good development teams, but real talents. In this sense, the Polish IT industry and its specialists are at the top of many rankings. Many companies are satisfied to collaborate with Polish engineers. WWG has long worked with a team in Krakow and the quality of their job has never been lacking. Since Poland is a gold mine of excellent engineers opening a new headquarters was a logical consequence”

Mohamed Deramchi, CEO & Founder WWG

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