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Open Innovation project created by Colmar and Wwg with the students of IULM

Combining the energy and creativity of university students with the desire of a company that is a symbol of Made in Italy to become increasingly green, with the direction of an SME that co-creation has made a founding value. Here is the goal of “Fieldwork”, the path of open innovation at the start for students in Strategic Communication IULM, who will take the field with Colmar to make more sustainable production and distribution processes: a project created by the software house WWG to celebrate 10 years of collaboration with the famous Brianza brand.

Schermata 2021 06 23 alle 18.06.54 Open Innovation project created by Colmar and Wwg with the students of IULM
Source: MonzaToday

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More info about the project #Iulmwwg:

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